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by Matt Adika, January 9, 2016

Gun, Holster, Handbag…Now What?

Richard Bogath is an NRA certified firearms instructor, NRA certified hunting instructor, youth league pistol coach, professional hunting guide, published author, writer for several online publications about firearms, blogger, lecturer and proud dadTuesday, January 5, 2016 After all my years as a firearms instructor, it still amazes me that people only realize that they have little concept of what ownership, handling and eventual defensive use of a handgun actually entails. In most cases, the trouble of background checks and the expense of purchase, only then logically lead to the question of; “What do I do with this?” and the realization that they now fear the very thing that was purchased to…

Fashionable CCW Bags For The Fashion Concious Woman

Friday, November 27, 2015 Get out those winter wardrobe pieces, ladies! It’s time for rich colors, fuzzy fabrics and cozy coats. It’s also time to shop for Christmas gifts! A perfect pick for any woman is our Aged Leather Satchel, which is on sale now! Available in black or brown, this purse from Concealed Carrie is our most popular handbag, and is great for everyday use. It’s just the thing you need to complete any outfit this winter. Need something to complement those plaid wool trousers, that cashmere sweater or your trench coat? If you have a concealed carry purse on your wish list this year, look no further than our Aged Leather Satchel.

Concealed Carry Looks Pretty in Purple

Leena KollarFriday, September 18, 2015 If you like vibrant colors and have a casual sense of style, our purple Aurora bag is great for everyday use. Get your fall wardrobe kicked into gear with that favorite pair of jeans, a long sleeved purple tee and some comfortable Converse style sneakers. Throw a scarf around your neck and the Aurora bag over your shoulder, and you’ll be ready for a day of running errands, meeting friends for lunch, or doing some shopping. Comfy and casual never looked so good! Or so purple!

It’s Never Too Early…

Friday, September 18, 2015 …To shop for Christmas presents, that is! The holiday is right around the corner and is sure to sneak up on you sooner than you think. So, don’t delay. Read on to learn about some of the hottest items, accessories, and experiences you should consider gifting so you can give those in your life (or yourself!) an amazing gift for the holiday season. 1. Leather Satchel Leather satchels never go out of style. They look sleek and chic. Carry them to work or out to dinner. When looking for the perfect purse, be sure to shop for something soft and that has large compartments. This way, you can have everything you need with you and have it organized properly. Detachable straps…

Don’t Let Good Manners Keep You From Being Safe

David A. Porter, MA, LADC, Private Practice, Otter Creek Associates, Adjunct Faculty in Psychology and Criminology, Community College of Vermont & Burlington College, Freelance Behavioral Science writerThursday, August 20, 2015 I was at a laundromat one afternoon, and I noticed a man talking very enthusiastically to a woman. I watched them closely as she seemed uncomfortable with his attention, but kept responding to his patter with one or two word responses. He stood close to her, and his eyes kept crawling over her. She hurriedly packed up her clothes and headed for the door. A young lady came in with some flyers, looking for an employee of the laundromat. The man quickly approached her and…

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