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by FN57SALEAUTHOR, January 9, 2016

Off Body Carry Is Faster Than No Carry

Off-body carry in a purse, day planner or other bag is not my preferred method of carry, and I don’t recommend it to people who ask. I mean, it’s not like there’s an entire class of crooks out there called … Continue reading →

Product Review: Smith and Wesson HRT Knife

Americans, especially those from the Texas/Arkansas region, have a soft spot in their hearts for Bowie knives, and current and former Marines tend to bitterly cling to their Kabars. My affections, however lean more towards the Sykes-Fairburn dagger. Maybe it’s because I … Continue reading →

The Word of the Year Is…

I like this idea from the Law Officer Facebook Page: My word: “Accomplished”, as in “Kevin is an accomplished writer and competitive shooter”, also because I have a lot of tasks that I want to accomplish this year. What’s your … Continue reading →

Guns and the Christian

No one doubts that a policeman who carries a gun and watches over society can do such things and still be a Christian: Why, therefore, is there any doubt that an armed individual like me can carry a gun and … Continue reading →

New Year’s Shootey Goals

How’d I do on last year’s goals? Mixed results. I didn’t dry-fire as much as I wanted to because of the 11 hour workdays I put in at the range (the pay was low, the workplace environment was brutal, but at the … Continue reading →

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