FN 57 MKII Review – Buy FN 57 Now

FN 57 MKII Review – Buy FN 57 Now

by FN57SALEAUTHOR, March 24, 2015

FN 57 was tested and shot with SS190, SS192, SS195, SS197, SS198LF and American Eagle ammo against a 15 pound Ham, a frozen turkey and AR500 Level III hard body armor.


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fn 57

FN 57 MK2 Review was one of my favorite videos to shoot. I love the Five seveN Mk2. I believe it is the best pistol hands down to any other on the market. It allows the shooter a variety of different ammunition for different practical purposes. Before we begin, lets lay out the different ammo used in the shoot and explain what each is designed to do.

  • American Eagle .40 grain – Used for cheap target practice
  • SS197SR 40 grain – Sporting Round used for target practice or to hunt varmint
  • SS196 – 40 grain – Vmax bullet that was replaced with the SS197SR
  • SS195 – 27 grain – hollow point that is used for various purposes.
  • SS192 – 28 grain hollow point (banned in 2004 for is potential armor penetrating capabilities.
  • SS198LF – 27 grain hollow point (used by LEO/MILITARY for its devastating effects on soft tissue. The projectile is designed on impact to tumble causing massive destruction to soft tissue as the video will show.
  • SS190 – 28 grain steel core black tip designed as Armor Penetrating Ammunition.


In my FN 57 MK2 Review we shot each of these rounds at various objects. The first being a 15 pound ham. You get to see how the pistol shoots first, then we show you a full speed closeup of the Ham being shot, then the slow mo footage where you can see which rounds do the most damage.


In the second shoot of the FN 57 MK2 Review we shoot the same sequence of rounds at a frozen turkey which does not exit the turkey. Didn’t expect it to it was pretty much a solid rock a ice.

In the third shoot of the FN 57 MK2 Review we shoot each of the rounds again at AR500 level III hard body armor to see what the sequence of rounds would do, and then shoot four SS190 AP Black Tips at the plate. The AR500 Armor is designed to withstand a shot from a .308, so we weren’t expecting much.

fn 57

Check out the Video Below and see for yourself how the FN 57 MK2 Review went, and please leave your comments below.


Enjoy the FN 57 MK2 Review, leave some comments below and share on your facebook and social sites!

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