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FN57SALE is now owned and operated by National Firearm Sales Inc, and is the countries #1 rated custom FN American Dealer.  FN America hands down makes the best quality firearms in the world, and our custom upgrades makes them even better then they already are. Everything we sell and install on your firearms has been hand picked and tested by us personally, and we would not sell you anything we wouldn’t or do not already use on our own FN Firearms. We build firearms for law enforcement and military contractors and agencies all over the country. The same identical firearms, with the same upgrades they trust us to build them, we build for you as well. We take great pride in only producing the best quality guns on the planet. Our men and women trust us to ensure every component of every firearm operates every time they pull the trigger, and you should too.  We ensure your gun will be exactly the way you build it. If it doesn’t meet your standards for any reason, we will replace it with no questions asked. That is our commitment to excellence.

Let us know how you’re doing or inquire about your weapon of choice. We are here to help and want to hear from you. Send us feedback & help us improve your FN57SALE experience.

National Firearm Sales Inc
11070 Wiles Road.
Coral Springs, Fl. 33076

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