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FN 5.7 SALE has the best customer service and  selection of FN Firearms in the Country

We have the best customer service and FN experts in the industry to assist you in selecting the best options to build the FN gun of your dreams. We have compiled all of the best accessories from around the country and assemble the firearm for you before shipping. Just select your add-ons and customize your new gun with the exact features you want. Let our professionals at FN 5.7 SALE do the work and deliver you the gun of your dreams.

FN 57 Sale Firearms and Custom Accessories

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Best Selection of FNH Firearms and Customized FN 5.7 in the USA

FN 5.7 Sale Has The Guns You Want

Years of developing solid relationships with FN America, custom shops, and distributors across the country, allow FN 5.7 SALE to always stock the rare firearms like the FN 5.7 and Scar 17. Here at FN 5.7 SALE we only offer premium accessories and additions to accommodate the quality you would expect from the World’s Most Battle-Proven Firearms.

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FNH Master Gunsmiths

FN 5.7 SALE Professionalism

FN 5.7 has certified FNH gunsmiths who build your custom firearm to your specifications. Just select the accessories you want added to your firearm and let us do the work for you. You can feel confident that your new gun will arrive exactly the way you want it, in a timely fashion.

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FN 5.7 SALE is one of the most pleasant online firearms purchases I have ever made. Matt treats you like a friend, and explains everything that needs to be done and gives an accurate time frame for the work to be completed. I have purchased four firearms now from FN 5.7 SALE and plan on continuing to do business with Matt and his team.

Donny L Wouldn't buy from anywhere else!

I came to FN 5.7 SALE with about seven must have options. Matt ensured me he would be able to have everything installed and shipped within 10 days. I didn't think he could deliver on his promise but on the 10th day I received an email stating my firearm had shipped. Once I received my custom SCAR 17 I couldn't have been happier. Everything we discussed down to the smallest detail was done. FN 5.7 SALE was one of the best experiences I have ever had dealing with any gun store, let alone one 1,000 miles away. I would recommend FN 5.7 Sale to anyone who wants a quality firearm and the best customer service i've ever experienced. One thing I learned is FN 5.7 SALE delivers on their promises and doesn't miss a beat. Thank you for making my dream rifle a reality!

Mark L Built my dream SCAR 17 exactly how I imagined