Scar Suppressor Interceptor 5.56/7.62 Quick Detach


Scar Suppressor Interceptor 7.62/5.56

w/ Exoskeleton and Quick Detach

Innovative Arms Silencers now available at FNspecialties.com


The Interceptor QD Scar Suppressor allows you to quickly attach and detach the suppressor to any rifle by installing the threaded muzzle break which the suppressor installs right over it. The exoskeleton shroud serves as a heat sink as well as an attractive design for extra grip. The Interceptor is one of the best all around suppressors including overall decable reduction and the versatility to be used on any rifle caliber 7.62 and under.

Innovative Arms Silencers now available at FNspecialties.com

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Scar Suppressor: Interceptor 7.62/5.56 w/ Exoskeleton and Quick Detach Muzzle Break

Innovative Arms Silencers now available at FNspecialties.com

Scar Suppressor7.62 to 1/2x28 adapter

Scar Suppressor: Sleek, balanced, durable-high strength…

Scar Suppressor The INTERCEPTOR gives excellent sound suppression, recoil reduction and precision accuracy in a compact package. The patented one piece core is machined from billet bar stock and has no internal welds. The INTERCEPTOR Scar Suppressor is available in 5.56 and 7.62. Each comes with one quick attach flash hider mount and attaches/removes from the barrel in seconds. They are full auto rated on barrels down to 10″ with the INTERCEPTOR 7.62 being rated for a barrel length down to 7.5″ when using .300blk ammunition.

Being able to have one Scar Suppressor that does every caliber under a 7.62 allows versatility between platforms. One suppressor can be used on a Scar 17s, Scar 16s, PS90, FN-15, FS2000, and FNAR. The ability to purchase quick detach muzzle breaks for each and just “snap on” the suppressor to each rifle in seconds gives you unlimited possibilities of use for every rifle you own.

The INTERCEPTOR 7.62 is rated for multiple calibers and almost every rifle application, including 7.62/308, .300blk, .243, .260, 6mm, 6.5, 5.56/.223 on down, and can be used on either the Scar 16s or 17s. The INTERCEPTOR as with all our silencers, can be fired “wet” or “dry”.

  • INTERCEPTOR 5.56 Scar Suppressor can be used on the Scar 16s & PS90 and has a thread pitch of 1/2 x 28mm.
  • INTERCEPTOR 7.62 Scar Suppressor can be used on the Scar 17s and has a thread pitch of 5/8 x 24
    *adapter required for the INTERCEPTOR 7.62 on Scar 16s, PS90 or FN-15 barrels with 1/2 x 28mm thread.

* The Exoskeleton™ Shroud gives many advantages, it also works as a heat sink and gives added grip when mounting the suppressor to the rifle.

Innovative Arms Silencers now available at FNspecialties.com

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs

7.62 or 5.56 and below


7.62 – 20oz
5.56 – 18oz


7.62 – 7.7"
5.56 – 6.6"


7.62 – 1.580″
5.56 – 1.580"


Stainless Steel


Black, OD Green, FDE, Brushed Stainless


7.62 – 5/8 x 24mm
5.56 – 1/2 x 28mm

DB Reduction:

7.62 – 33-36db
5.56 – 33-36db

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