57 Defense Ammo R&R R37.X Expanding

57 Defense Ammo R&R R37.X Expanding


57 defense ammoReady for the next level of FN 57 Defense Ammo from R&R Weapon Systems: R37.X. This FN 57 Defense Ammo has a superior ballistic profile, achieving velocities from 2100/fps up to 2400/fps. Ballistic performance of the R37.X is unique by expanding into a three tip star shape which has razor sharp petals. This expanded razor sharp projectile travels 12-15 inches after passing through 4 layers of denim.

This FN 57 Defense Ammo is a 37 grain Expanding Copper Hollow Point round. It is CNC Machined pure monolithic copper 99.5%. The projectile is a hollow point that expands to inflict serious damage. If you are looking for one of the most devastating FN 57 Defense Ammo available for the FN 5.7 and PS90 look no further.

57 Defense Ammo R&R R37.X Expanding

57 defense ammo
57 defense ammo R37.X Expanding Ammunition from R&R Weapon Systems is a new round that delivers a massive punch and knock down power by causing the round to expand upon impact causing a large wound cavity. R&R specializes in FN 57 defense ammo and has released its Duty Line specifically for law enforcement to ensure the round does maximum damage to stop any threat that comes your way.

This round is a 37 grain Expanding Copper Hollow Point round. It is CNC Machined pure monolithic copper 99.5%. The projectile is a expanding hollow point. The base penetration is between 12-15 inches. If you are looking for a traditional hollow point design then the R37.X is the round to carry.

Ballistics of Round:

PS90: 2,377 fps
Five seven: 2,111 fps

Please read the warning from R&R Weapons System below:

Warning: Only use this ammunition in firearms that are in good condition with caliber markings that exactly match this ammunition. Store all ammunition in a secure, cool, dry area separate from firearms and out of the reach of children and unauthorized and prohibited persons. Read, understand and follow the instructions found in your firearms manual. Always follow established firearms safety practices and protocols including the use of eye and ear protection while shooting. Discharging of a firearm in a poorly ventilated area, cleaning firearms or handling ammunition may result in exposure to lead and other substances known to cause birth defects, reproductive harm and other serious health risks. Make sure you have adequate ventilation whenever discharging any firearm. Wash your hands thoroughly after exposure to firearms and ammunition. Because reloading practices are beyond our control, R&R weapon system and National Firearm Sales disclaims all liability for any damage, injury or death that may result by the use of these rounds.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs


Ballistic Performce

PS90: 2,392/fps, Five seveN: 2,141


Pure Monolithic Copper 99.5%


20, 50

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