New dating website sparks love in gun owners

by FN57SALEAUTHOR, August 13, 2016

Love and chain link 7.62 at The Gun Store in Las Vegas. (Photo: Incredible Features/The Sun)

Love and chain link AK ammo at The Gun Store in Las Vegas. (Photo: Incredible Features/The Sun)

Concealed Carry Match, a new Second Amendment themed dating website, aims to give gun owners a safe alternative to traditional dating.

The dating site uses a paid membership platform that allows users to add their own profile as well as search out other gun lovers in their area.

Molly Lund, the site’s chief operating officer, said though anti-gunners may mistake it as inflammatory, the site is not meant as a political dating statement. It’s simply a means for daters with a common interest to avoid any awkward mentions of fire power.

“We just wanted a safe place where people can connect with that expectation that the people they connect with share their beliefs and their lifestyle choices,” Lund told in a phone interview. “We’re taking away those awkward moments and giving everyone an even starting point.”

Lund said that though the name points to concealed carry, the website is really for anyone that enjoys guns or wants a gun owner in their life.

Lund said the company understands the attitudes of their clientele — as notoriously private — and maintains strict privacy policies to protect its members. She told that the company reviews profiles as they come in on a daily basis, removing fake ones from the pile. The site also restricts contact to between paid members in an effort to prevent spam or anti-gun rhetoric.

“Our belief is if people are open and honest about gun ownership in the first place their intentions are good,” Lund said. “In this respect, we feel it’s the safest option for them to meet others.”

The site is available to U.S. residents and offers membership options at varying price points. As of right now, the dating site is running a limited 14 day free trial promotion.

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