Terrorist Attack in Philadelphia – Muslim Shoots Police Officer

by FN57SALEAUTHOR, January 9, 2016

Terrorist Attack, the worst word one can hear in today’s world, is becoming such a common event in our country that every time I turn on the television, I almost expect to hear about another terrorist attack that took place right here on American soil. When are we going to wake up and actually do something about this epidemic called radical Islam that has become common place in our daily lives. So what can we do to stop or fight back against this new threat?

Would you buy a gun today if you knew that it controlled your fate in the next few months?

Yesterday’s bold attack by a radical Muslim who declared jihad on America and pledged allegiance to ISIS just before committing this unthinkable act should open your eyes to the new type of enemy we face on the home front. These ambush style attacks will become more common as we continue to do nothing to combat ISIS and the radical Islamic faith that is filled with hate and consumed with evil.

Where will you be when the next Terrorist Attack takes place?

What if an attack happened while you were dropping your child off at school? Or out to dinner with your wife and children? Would you at this very moment be able to effectively defend you and your family against an attack like the one seen here in the video? If you answered no to this question, then you need to take action immediately!

Buy a gun today and learn how to use it.

A firearm is one of the best tools one can own for personal protection and self defense of you and your loved ones. It’s sometimes referred to as “the great equalizer” because no matter how big or small someone is, if properly trained, that person regardless of age, sex, height, weight, or even sexual identity can effectively protect themselves and the people around them. If you do not have the means and ability to protect yourself and your family against a radical Islamic terrorist attack, then you should act quickly. Visit your local firearms retailer, purchase a gun, sign up for firearms training, and become proficient with that firearm. If every law abiding American citizen would take up arms in defense of one another, we all would be safer by watching each others back. These Terrorist Attacks are carried out by cowards who would never think to attack an area where they knew they would encounter resistance. So when you finish reading this sentence, close your laptop or put down your phone, grab your keys, walk outside, get into your car and head to your local firearms dealer. Even if you know nothing about guns, we are here to guide you in the right direction and find the firearm that is the best fit for you and your needs. Make sure to register in a firearms training class such as the NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Course to begin your journey to piece of mind knowing if and when the time comes to defend your life or the lives of innocent civilians, you will be ready, willing and able.



Contact me or come visit us at the store in Coral Springs, FL. Let us equip you with the right tools and training you need to protect yourself and family in these unbelievable times I never in my wildest dreams would I imagine terrorist attacks would become a daily occurrence right here in our backyard. Don’t wait my friends, the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.

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