FN Five seveN MKII Gun Giveaway Contest – Win a FN57 MKII 5.7x28mm

by FN57SALEAUTHOR, February 2, 2015

FN Five seveN MKII Gun Giveaway Contest – Win a FN57 MKII 5.7x28mm


We are giving away an FN Five seveN MKII Shooter’s Package for our next Gun Giveaway!


FN Five seveN MKII Gun Giveaway Contest

Glock 42 Gun Giveaway Contest

Congratulations to: Pinellas99

Glock 42 Gun Giveaway

Edward M won the Glock 42 Gun Giveaway Contest in July 2015



Every six months Florida Gun Classifieds conducts a  GUN GIVEAWAY to our members who like, share and post guns for sale on our site! Our Glock 42 Gun Giveaway had over 7,000 people who participated! We will continue to give away firearms to THANK everyone who is helping us become the #1 site in Florida for Firearms!

This coming year for Florida Gun Classifieds is going to be HUGE! We are in the process of developing a revolutionary way for firearm enthusiasts to keep an inventory, buy, sell, repair and even find local events in your area, anywhere in the country. With you help, Florida Gun Classifieds will become one of the largest online firearm’s marketplace in America.

Below is a recap of the giveaway if you missed your chance to enter.

1Excel front page 1Glock42 Random # 3 winner excel 4 winner wordpress


Don’t wait! Start gaining entries into the next gun giveaway now by sharing this post on social media (facebook, twitter, IG, Google+, Pintrest) and posting guns for sale on our site!

Florida Gun Classifieds GUN GIVEAWAY CONTEST will reward a lucky user from our site with a FREE Glock 42 .380 and firearms training from the president, owner and NRA certified pistol instructor of Florida Gun Classifieds, Matt Adika. We will be promoting this Gun Giveaway throughout the middle of the year on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, but need your help to share the best FREE firearms classifieds listing site in Florida with all of your friends and promote the page to help us grow to #1 in Florida.

Florida Gun Classifieds is building a community of active firearms enthusiasts, which provides a free online marketplace with direct access to new guns for sale on our Online Gun Store and used guns for sale from other private individuals on our classifieds page, as well as a huge site full of knowledge, resources, gun review videos and gun giveaways! “These campaigns were all about creating a local community of gun lovers and anyone who supports our 2nd Amendment rights, freedom and the Constitution” said Adika. “Our goal is for this site to be interactive, informative and a destination that our community bookmarks and visits first whenever they are looking to buy new guns for sale or sell and purchase used guns for sale. 
Florida Gun Classifieds also has a Firearms blog where Matt and other contributors write articles on topics ranging from reviews and demonstrations on the best firearms in the industry, to tests on ammunition like Liberty Civil Defense. Anyone can give away T-shirts and Stickers, but who has heard of a site that has a Gun Giveaway and is giving away a gun? We wanted to have people take a second look and remember Florida Gun Classifieds

Here is the winner of our last gun giveaway from December 2014

Gun Giveaway

Congratulations to Travis of Orlando for winning the Springfield XDS .45ACP



GRAND PRIZE: Glock 42 .380 ACP w/ (3) Hour NRA Pistol Shooting Course – Winner will be announced mid year the first week of July 2015.
We value your support in helping us promote our site to all your friends, family and other gun enthusiasts online! Follow the instructions below and post as many guns on the site as possible! Every post is automatically shared on all our social media platforms below to over 10,000 users.
Follow the instructions on each link below.
Each completed task adds an additional entry into the contest:

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    1. Post your guns on our site! (Each ad posted is another entry)
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We’re counting on you to help us create a mass social media marketing push! We want to reward everyone that is making this site a success by giving away a Glock 42.
Check out the network of websites we have and are building to give you all the resources you want at your fingertips.
www.FFLGUNS.com – Our new online firearm store
www.sellgunsforcash.com – Sell your guns to us for cash quick!
www.FLGunLaws.com – Learn the gun laws in Florida
www.FLGunsforSale.com – New guns for sale in Florida from Florida Gun Classifieds
www.masafirearms.com – The original Masa Firearms site
www.FirearmTrusts.com – Create an NFA firearms trust from you computer
www.FloridaGunBlog.com – Blog written by respected gun enthusiasts about Florida’s gun issues, laws and ideas.
matt adika
Thank you for your support,
Matt Adika
President & Chief Executive Officer
Florida Gun Classifieds
11070 Wiles Rd.
Coral Springs, Fl. 33076
Tel:  (954) 805-3440
Fax: (954) 227-2877
Email: [email protected]
Online Store: https://FFLGUNS.com
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