Gun Control Conspiracy – An FFL’s Perspective on things

by FN57SALEAUTHOR, October 8, 2015

Gun Control Conspiracy

Does the government know which guns are bought from a licensed firearms dealer?

There is more misinformation and debate regarding  this Gun Control Conspiracy then any other gun related conspiracy theory out there. This Gun Control Conspiracy, which is brought up often on social media and always seems to get everyone pretty fired up, makes some individuals so worried they won’t even step foot into a firearms store.

As a Federal Firearms Licensed Dealer, I am writing this article to discuss the common misconceptions regarding this Gun Control Conspiracy, and what happens the information you disclose when you fill out the form 4473 background check paperwork that is required to purchase any firearm in America from a FFL Dealer.

gun control conspiracy

Form 4473 is the standard form that everyone must fill out in order to purchase a firearm in the United States. Before any person leaves the store with any firearm, regardless of the type, caliber or purpose, each individual must complete the form completely, accurately and also testify that the information on the form is truthful to the best of their knowledge. The front asks basic information such as Name, address, place of birth, height, weight, sex, birth date, as well as 15 pre-qualification questions which could immediately disqualify the buyer if answered incorrectly. Some of these questions include “have you ever been convicted in of a felony?” and “are you a fugitive from justice?” Any person with even the slightest bit of common sense can figure out how to answer these questions correctly to pass to the next stage of the process, which is the dealer taking the information from the 4473 and inputting it into the state run background check system which in Florida is run by FDLE, or Florida Department if Law Enforcement. The dealer submits the information provided, checks the ID and or CWP of the buyer and waits for a response. This is done for every single firearm sold, every single time a transaction takes place. Once the transaction is complete, if you walk out of the door of the FFL and decide to come back 5 seconds later and buy another gun, by law another 4473 must be completed and the background check must be ran again.

There is a huge misconception that anyone can just walk into a gun store and walk out with a firearm without any oversight at all. This is completely 100% FALSE and feeds into the Gun Control Conspiracy narrative.

The only people legally allowed to purchase a firearm and leave the same day requires three things.

  1. #1 We must get an approval response from FDLE letting the dealer know the person is not a felon
  2. #2 the customer must have a valid Florida Drivers License and
  3. #3 the customer must have a Concealed Weapons Permit.

The only exception to these three requirements is that if the customer is approved and trades in a firearm, he only has to be a Florida resident, he does not have to have a concealed weapons permit. The customer may trade a pistol for a pistol and/or a rifle for a rifle only. Logic behind this is that if that person was interested in committing some type of crime why not just use the firearm he already has in his possession? Trading the firearm in for a new gun will not have any effect on the outcome of the situation, although to this date I can not find any instances where a law abiding citizen with no criminal history traded in a firearm in Florida for the sole purpose of obtaining a new firearm to commit a crime. Keep in mind the background check must still ALWAYS BE RUN. The anti-gun left wants you to think buying a gun is a free for all…. its not.. The law here actually works and makes sense.

What information is actually given to FDLE when my FFL does my background?

gun control conspiracy

The FFL only inputs the data from the 4473 that can identify you from someone else. Full Name, Suffix, State of residence, Place of Birth, Sex, Race, and Social Security Number which is optional. That’s it ladies and gentlemen. So now we know what information is being transmitted to FDLE, and the only thing that’s being submitted is identifying information to verify you are who you say you are, so right from the beginning there is no information on the firearm being purchased ever being submitted to any government agency at the time of the transaction. The only time any Make, Model or Serial numbers are submitted to the ATF and Local Law Enforcement is when there is a multiple handgun purchase of one or more handguns purchased within a 5 day period. If this occurs the FFL must complete a multiple sale form and list all the pistols that were sold to that individual along with name, address, DL #, Place of birth and other identifying information. This is so if someone walks into a store and buys 10 Glock 19’s, unless there teaching a firearms class or buying arms for their police department, the ATF wants to make sure that those firearms are not being purchased strictly to resell on the black market for a profit. Don’t be afraid to purchase more than one firearm, as long as you are not doing anything illegal there is nothing to worry about. You could also spread the purchases over a 7 day period so no multiple paperwork even has to be filed.  There is no way the government could know every gun that a law abiding citizen purchases from a FFL Dealer. Although the FFL is required to fill out the 4473 with the Make, Model, Serial # and Caliber of the firearm, as well as certify that the disposition has taken place on that specific date. The firearm is then logged out of the Aquisition and Disposition book to the customer who was approved by FDLE. The FFL Dealer then takes the 4473 and is required to keep the original in a secure location for 20 years. Although from time to time we will get a call from the ATF Tracing Center trying to locate a particular firearm. They request details regarding specific firearms and ask who those firearms were sold to. This is extremely rare and only occurs when a firearm is found at the scene of a crime and they are trying to track down the last known owner to get some answers as so how they found their firearm at the scene. Most of the time, that person has already sold that firearm to owner #2, who sold it to owner #3, who let his brother #4 borrow it, who filed a police report the week prior about someone breaking into his car and stealing his brother’s gun.

gun control conspiracyThe idea that the government is behind this Gun Control Conspiracy and knows each and every firearm purchased on a daily basis and by whom that firearm is purchased by is 100% FALSE and technically impossible to implement with the current system.


Think about this…. When inputting the customers identifying information, if we were required to also enter in the firearm serial # for example, and then that customer came back declined because of a past criminal charge, what happens to that firearm in the database? Does the customer now own that gun? what if he is a conditional non approval which takes more then five days to return a response? How would that work? What about a Non-Approval? How would they know which gun he ended up with if he was Approved after the 21 day appeal process to ensure he can legally own the firearm because there is some sort of discrepancy.


So all of you anti FFL guys can rest easy, you can actually buy a new gun from a firearms store without having to look over your shoulder for Obama to come and confiscate your firearms.

Is there a National Registry for firearms where every gun is registered to a particular owner? 100% FALSE Gun Control Conspiracy.

The only thing linking the firearm you purchase from a FFL dealer to yourself is the 4473 you filled out and the dealer filled out, which is usually sitting inside a filing cabinet in the back of the store somewhere for years at a time. Occasionally the ATF will call and ask who the firearm was sold to, but in the last 4 years of selling firearms to over 3000 people, I can count on one hand how many times I received that phone call. Now I know what some of you Anti-FFL Pro-Private sale guys are going to say. “But if the government really wanted to, they could go into every FFL dealer in the country and demand them to hand over every 4473 they have for the last 20 years.” And you would be right. This is a possibility, but lets think about that for a second. There are approximetly 50,000 Federal Firearms Licensed Dealers in the country give or take. I’m sure the amount of firearms sold ranges from 1 per year to 100,000 per year depending on what type of business it is. I have own a small firearms store in South Florida, and I sell an average of 1000 guns per year. So lets use that number to figure out how many guns are sold each year as a rough estimate, which will tell us how many 4473 there has to be throughout the country. 50,000 x 1000 = that’s 500,000 4473 ‘s per year and now lets multiply that by 20 years which is the time the FFL is required to keep all 4473’s = 10,0000 million 4473’s were filled out and stuffed in a filing cabinet over the last 20 years. 10,000,000 4 page documents, all with chicken scratch from not only the customer, but the FFL who fills these things out by the thousands per year, which each one done as the day goes on gets sloppier and sloppier to the point where when you review your paperwork for the day you say to yourself “what the fuck does that say?” gun control conspiracyafter severe carpal tunnel syndrome from writing so much day in and day out, the FFL then takes all his hard work, and hands it over to the government of the great USA as part of the Gun Control Conspiracy, who cant even implement a health care marketplace correctly, which is basically a website where you can see which health insurance plans are available in your state (I could have made that website in a week.  So you tell me if they could take 10,000,000 4473’s (who knows what the real number is i’m sure its quadruple that) and transcribe the hand written chicken scratch into usable data in a database where it can then be turned over to a military team to target YOU.

Now lets remember who YOU are……..gun control conspiracy

Joe Shmo, who is a member of 73 gun enthusiast groups on facebook, posts anti-Obama memes all over his facebook wall, likes every page recommended to him that has anything to do with 2nd amendment, guns, freedom, liberty, has a chick with big tits holding a gun in the profile pic, it doesn’t matter what it is as long as its red, white and blue and related to guns, you are BOUT THAT GUN LIFE, with your new profile pic which just recently has been updated to a video of you shooting a fully automatic AR-15 while the picture above has a picture of your safe with about 15 or so firearms, all while you constantly buying and selling guns on every group, forum and website ever created online.

So you tell me, what is more likely to happen…gun control conspiracy

A Huge Gun Control Conspiracy in which government agents secretly visit every gun shop in America every month and record the names and addresses and guns that you purchased legally in a secret database so when President Obama decides to declare martial law they will know which house to hit first to seize every gun in America leaving you defenseless and thrown into a FEMA camp to die.


They plug into the NSA super computer, gun control conspiracytype in “gun” in the search box, check off “PEOPLE” and press enter. All of the sudden names are being scrolled across the screen and being pulled from the massive archive of data servers the government has been collecting in there 5 football field long server farm in Texas. And through all of that one of the names happens to be yours, because when you were 13 years old and made a comment on a meme you saw of a Tacticool AR15 with lasers and flashlights and folding grips and 37mm grenade launcher on the bottom rail that said “I am going to own one of those one day”. that one comment that caused your name to be written in pen on the anti-government list 19 years ago because you said you wanted to own a AR15.gun control conspiracy


Get real people. Anyone that says they refuse to buy from a firearms dealer either:

  1. #1 doesn’t have the money to buy a new gun
  2. #2 has a pending or completed criminal charge and they just happened to leave there CWP home the day they got arrested, or
  3. #3 is a complete paranoid psycho who thinks the government is watching his every move and shouldn’t be allowed to own a gun anyway. PERIOD.gun control conspiracy

So next time you see that guy on facebook say “i’ll never buy a gun from a dealer, looking for private party only” you now know exactly what that means…. if you cant figure it out let me translate:



and there it is my friends… don’t be afraid of coming into our store and buying as many firearms as you please, fearless and confident that the government still knows everything you think they don’t regardless of how you choose to purchase your firearms: FFL or Private Party. Always do the right thing and you will have nothing to worry about.










Matt Adika
President and Owner
Florida Gun Classifieds
11070 Wiles Road
Coral Springs, Fl. 33076

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